Site under construction

LOL, couldn't resist the throwback title.

Welp, the old version of got hacked a while back, as WordPress sites are wont to do in my experience... So luckily while helping out at the Intro to Backdrop training at BADCamp last week I got the opportunity to set up a new website using Backdrop, my favorite CMS. Exciting to have a Backdrop site all of my own to mess around with now! (Funny, I never really considered setting a Drupal site up for myself...)

Things are a bit of a mess right now; lots of broken images and embedded videos and WordPress-specific things that no longer work. I'll gradually be getting this place in shape. And who knows, maybe I'll start posting again, even!

Owning our work

I worry when I see that the brilliant words, images, and other creative works of so many folks are only posted on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other corporately-owned services. Posting such content to those services only, and nowhere else, has two worrisome consequences.


I left the Allied Media Conference with a fire in my belly and blog posts gestating in my brain. It's been a long time coming; let's see what comes of it.

Dotster is inexplicably taking it's time getting my access to my new domain name, but thanks to May First/People Link and their handy auto-generated subdomains, a little thing like a mysterious PENDING status need not stop all the action.

Now, needing to be functional at a decent hour tomorrow, that will stop all the action.