I'm a bit of an obsessive note-taker. I actually count note-taking as one of my unique skills and I love to practice it. Good thing the Allied Media Conference gave me plenty of opportunities to do so! Every session had an Etherpad set up for it for folks to do collaborative note-taking in real time; here are all of the notes to which I contributed, with links to the original session info and some annotation here and there.


  • May First/People Link Network Gathering: notes and session info
    A MF/PL People's Movement Assembly to discuss our movements' priorities for the Internet


  • Healthy Organizational Communications: notes and session info
    AMAZING session from the AORTA collective, so I took copious notes for Palante to study
  • We+Design = Collaborative Design: notes and session info
    Brilliant designers & artists showing us their work and how they do it.
  • "Secret Survivors" Documentary Premiere: session info
    Neither I nor anyone else took notes. I was too busy watching and being utterly blown away (again) by the beauty, bravery, and fierceness of my friends & comrades who are part of the Secret Survivors project.
  • DiscoTechs UNITE! Part 1: notes and session info
    Now I've got schemes about a DiscoTech (short for Discover Technology) in NYC...


  • Son Jarocho: Iniciando un Movimiento: notes and session info
    Conquering fear of dancing in public while sober, part 1. Plus I got to learn to play some basic chords on a jarana!
  • DJ Geekout: notes and session info
    Conquering fear of dancing in public while sober, part 2. Never have so many people had so much fun dancing to slideshow presentations.
  • Worker-Owned Webmaking: Tech Co-ops: notes and session info
    I didn't take any of these notes, because I was one of the presenters! But these notes ROCK and I <3 all the people who contributed to them.
  • Securing Our Online Communications: notes and session info
    Tons of practical information and resources.


  • Science of the Oppressed as Artivism: notes and session info
    MINDBLOWING. For real though. I can't even. Seriously, read the notes and click those links and find these brilliant minds and KNOW THEM. I couldn't take any notes on Micha's part because she had us out of our seats for my first ever participation in Theater of the Oppressed.
  • Keeping Track: Surveillance and Organizing: notes and session info
    I loved this session because I learned so much about our communities' needs around tech, privacy, and security.
  • Wrap-Up Session for the Webmaking Track: notes and session info
    I didn't take these notes because I was facilitating, w00t! Such a valuable session for me as one of the Webmaking track coordinators!

Note that I didn't miss attending one session block the whole conference. This despite running on 5 hours or less of sleep per night, no naps. Running on fumes of fabulousness!

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